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The lodge members are often famous Canadian actors such as Graham Greene (Edgar), Gordon Pinsent (Hap), Colin Mochrie (in a small role as hotdog expert Frank Kepke) and Paul Gross.Meanwhile they also carry on with the Show Within a Show that Red and Harold are producing, a local cable-access version of the standard Saturday-afternoon outdoor program.

Since the lodge members include such sterling intellects as Ranger Gord the (extremely) lonely forest ranger, Dougie Franklin the mechanic, Edgar Montrose the half-deaf explosives enthusiast, Arnie Dogen the injury-prone roofer and aspiring country singer, Winston Rothschild, III, the prissy sewage magnate, Mike Hammer the itinerant felon, Dalton Humphrey the avaricious storekeeper, Hap Shaughnessy the pathological liar, Buzz Sherwood the hippie pilot, and Ed Frid the hamster-phobic animal control officer..a lot ever tends to get done, except by way of confusing the issue further.Chairman, Southwest Airlines Company Nationality: American. Family: Son of Harry Kelleher (general manager at Campbell's Soup factory) and Ruth Moore; married Joan Negley, 1955; children: four. Education: Wesleyan University, BA, 1953; New York University, LLB, 1956.Career: New Jersey Supreme Court, 1956–1959, clerk; Lum, Biunno and Tompkins, 1959–1961, associate; Matthews, Nowlin, Macfarlane & Barrett, 1961–1969, partner; Oppenheimer, Rosenberg, Kelleher & Wheatley, 1969–1981, senior partner; Air Southwest Company, 1966–1971, legal counsel; Southwest Airlines Company, 1971–1982, legal counsel; 1982–2001, chairman, CEO, and president; 2001–, chairman.

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Awards: Distinguished Achievement Award, Wings Club, 1996; CEO of the Year, Chief Executive , 1999; CEO of the Century, Texas Monthly , 1999; Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, Aero Club of Washington, 2000; CEO of the Year, Fortune , 2001; Bower Award for Business Leadership, Franklin Institute, 2003.Thousands such couples had secret weddings in Scottish border towns each year until the 1940s, often in a decidedly un-romantic venue: the sweaty, stifling shop of the local blacksmith.