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The bad news is that according to FBI, “online predators are everywhere online”, and are working hard to engage children online.Predators aren’t scary looking and don’t stand out. Walter Lewin will make you love physics whether you like it or not.” That made his MOOCs a good fit for Faïza Harbi, 32, a private English tutor living in Montpellier, France.She was not familiar with the rock star professor, whose more than four decades at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, innovative and hugely popular video lectures and hundreds of scholarly articles had earned him international acclaim.Naked photos on the girl’s phone of herself and a boy prompted the investigation which led police to a third youth, a boy, who had 40 nude photos of nine other middle school students.That boy also admitted sending nude pictures of himself to several girls.Sexting is when a person takes an indecent image of themselves and sends it to someone via their mobile phone, usually a boyfriend/girlfriend or somebody they’re ‘seeing’.It’s usually referred to as sending or receiving naked, dirty or rude pictures or underwear shots. It could be the person loses their phone which has the images on.

Encouraging someone to take or send 'sexts' can also be illegal.

Another common example is when someone posts images they’ve received from their boyfriend/girlfriend after the relationship has ended for revenge or for a ‘laugh’.

They can be posted online or even sent to friends or to the person’s employer.

All the photos were shared on Snap Chat, a social media platform, and screenshots were taken of the pictures shared.

The boy with 40 photos had hid them on his phone with a “calculator plus” app, according to police.

To connect with other learners in the MOOC, Harbi searched Facebook for groups dedicated to the course but found none, so she created one herself. 24, 2013, someone with the profile name Walter Lewin requested to join the group.