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However, when Michael learns that Helene is turning 58 and is not interested in traveling or going white-water rafting, he worries that the romance between them will be boring and mundane.

Michael points out their differences, saying he wants to do certain activities while he still can, and breaks up with Helene right in the middle of her birthday lunch, as Pam and Jim watch in horror.

Despite telling the cameras beforehand that he “might just be bricking it,” Kershaw went on to give a textbook pitch, resulting in something almost unprecedented on the show: all five Dragons wanted in.

” I love it, you got me already,” gushed Deborah Meaden within a few minutes of the M14 founder’s opening gambit.

There's no reason you should have to do all that leg work when we can do it for you.

“The self-assured app entrepreneur appears to have an answer for everything,” the Dragons’ Den voice-over enthused. Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins was next, followed by Sarah Willingham.Coffee shops, pastry shops and bakeries had an especially good aroma.